Sunday, 22 June 2014

Choose right trimmer for your hedgerow

Hedgerow is a close growth of bushes and shrubs. Plants are so closely grown that they become intertwined. In this situation, they make a strong defense as it is difficult to cut or cross intertwined branches. An advantage with hedgerow is it can be trimmed into any shape.

Trimming a hedgerow

It isn’t a difficult task as there are handy hedge trimmers that can make cutting high and overgrown hedges an easy affair. Earlier cutters were handheld scissors. Hand moved tools were inconvenient as the user had to hold the tool and also move it to cut plants.

Hand powered tools have another advantage that is they don’t support users. If you are cutting a high hedgerow with a hand powered device then you would need using a ladder to reach the topmost part of the hedgerow. Standing on the ladder, you can cut the plants but, if you lose balance, you would fall down with your device. On the other hand, a powerful petrol machine would make cutting high hedgerow a hassle free affair.

Long reach cutter

Buy a long arm cutter to cut high growth of bushes and shrubs. The long arm would enable you to cut the outgrown and overgrown plants in a hassle free manner. You would be able to manage the tool from ground. You can buy a flexible cutter that you can make a long arm cutter as and when required. Cutting tools come in different designs to suit individual needs. You can shop around to find the best device. 

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