Monday, 18 August 2014

Buy a quality tiller at affordable price

A homeowner needs a garden cultivator, if he is interested in turning his outdoor area into a lush lawn. He has to plow his yard in order to make it fertile. To plow the area, he would need a cultivator.

Garden cultivators can be bought at affordable price at tillers for sale and there are many websites that offer cultivators at reduced price. There are suppliers that share their profits with their buyers. The suppliers reduce cost of the products in order to make more profit.


A supplier buys a tool from a manufacturer and resells that tool at high price. The supplier adds his profit to the cost of the tool but he also gives discount from his profit. If he buys a cultivator at $100 and he resells it at $125 then the supplier would reduce the price by $5 or $10 to make the price attractive.


Some manufacturers sell their products directly to end users. They are aftermarket machine manufacturers. An aftermarket manufacturer sells his products at manufacturing cost plus his profit. If he wants to sell a cultivator at $100 then he won’t charge more than $100 for the tool. In this way, a buyer can get a quality device at reduced price from a manufacturer.

Supplier v/s manufacturer

You should focus on buying quality device instead of a branded product. You should be worried about quality of the device and not about its name. The device must be of high quality that you can use for long time.  

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