Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Gardening equipments directly from manufacturers

The best way to buy a tool like a chainsaw is buy it directly from a manufacturer. It is advantageous in two ways. First is saves money and second advantage is it ensures maximum return on the investment.

How direct buying saves money?

Manufacturers sell garden products to suppliers that resell those devices to end users. There is a buying price and selling price. Buying price is the price at which suppliers get tools and selling price is the cost that end users pay for tools. Buying price is always cheap but selling price is expensive.

Suppliers buy garden products from manufacturers and resell those tools after adding their profit to the devices. A device that costs a supplier $100 would cost a user $200. The price is escalated by $100 as the supplier adds his profit to the cost of the tool. The supplier would draw his profit from the tool but the supplier might offer some discount to the user.

If a user buys a tool directly from a manufacturer, the user would pay the buying price. In other words, the user would save profit of the supplier. For direct buying, the user can locate manufacturers that practice direct selling.

Advantage of direct selling

It helps manufacturers target their customers. Mostly aftermarket products manufacturers practice direct selling. Aftermarket machines and tools are high quality equipments and they are available at cheap price. Also the tools come with replacement warranty that can be extended by paying a few hundred dollars extra.  

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