Monday, 14 July 2014

Maintenance of a saw chain

Have you ever bothered to look into your tree saw? Do you know that this tool eats sawdust and wood? It bites wood from its small but powerful teeth. The teeth are made of steel but hardwood can damage steel links. Let’s discuss saw maintenance.

How to maintain a saw?

Keep it clean and change its blade before the blade becomes dull and blunt. Steel cutting links can become blunt after biting wood. You would need a new replacement blade for your saw. You can find affordable chainsaw chains on websites that sell garden equipments.

Saw blades resemble cycle chains. They have steel teeth for cutting wood. A blade keeps working until its teeth become blunt. But you can keep your saw in working condition for long time and that is without changing the blade. Clean the blade and remove all the sawdust and wood that is stuck on its teeth. Oil the blade and determine condition of its cutting links.

Maintenance of a saw blade

Check each cutting link with your fingers to determine its cutting strength. If you find a chipped or bent link, you should file it instantly. A damaged link can put unnecessary pressure on other links and in this way reduce the cutting speed of the saw.

Filing a saw blade

Buy a saw sharpener to file your saw. You have the option to buy a manual file or you can buy a fully automatic electric file. If you are a homeowner, you should buy an automatic file. Commercial gardeners also rely on automatic sharpeners for filing their saws.     

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